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Privacy Policy

Ask Dr. Mark occasionally collects private information from our users, particularly when they ask a question with the intent of getting feedback. This information is not shared with any other company or organization, nor will it ever be shared.

Individuals may ask questions at their own discretion. Any individual who asks a question on the Askdrmark.com site fully understands that the content of the question is the sole property of Askdrmark.com and may be used for others to read and hopefully learn something from opinion provided. Any individual who does not wish for the potential of their question being posted on the site, should not submit a question to begin with.

Any individual who wishes that communication with Dr. Mark Foster be a completely private matter, must make direct contact either by email or phone contact.

It is strongly recommended that users of this site take such self-precautions as they see fit to meet their own particular privacy concerns.

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Privacy Policy