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Bad hygene
My daughter is 8 years old and just recently started having problems with hygene. Example- Not wipeing after having a bowl movement and not flushing. I am concerned that there is a underlining problem. We have been dealing with this problem for a couple weeks and she doesn't seem to care so now she is getting grounded because she continues to repeat the behavier. Am I doing the right thing? Is there anything else I should do?
Poor Hygiene, Carmicheal


For starters, I am wondering why you are using punishment to address what you consider to be an underlying problem.  I would think that compassion and concern would be an initial reaction to an underlying problem.  Setting limits and punishing may in fact produce the desired results you are looking for.  Nonetheless, a sudden change of behavior in a child is certainly a cause for concern.  Whenever a child dramatically starts to behave in a much younger fashion from what is the norm for them, it often is an indication of some internal conflict.  Ask her what is bothering her?  If she doesn't open up over time, contact a child psychologist so that you can get additional insights and guidance to what may be going on inside of your daughter.

Dr. Mark
March 12 2006

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