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1. Depression Overview
  Articles, online resources, symptoms, treatment options and more for adult, adolescent and child depression.
2. All About Depression
  An excellent source for current and relevant information regarding clinical depression to the general public.
3. Depression Resources
  Poems, stories and many helpful links regarding depression. A highly rated site.
4. A loved one with depression
  A very good article for individuals who are in a relationship with someone who suffers from depression
5. Advice for living with a depressed person
  This article offers 6 helpful tips on ways to respond to the depressed person you are in relationship with.
Attention Deficit Disorder
1. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  An excellent review of ADD & ADHD with articles explaining symptoms, causes and treatment options
2. Adult A.D.D Self Test
  An excellent self test offered by the Amen Clinic
3. A.D.D. Subtyping
  An excellent self test from the Amen Clinic offering insights into the various clinical subtypes which are being discovered via the technology of brain SPECT imaging
1. Anxiety Overview
  Articles providing an introduction to anxiety disorders, how to find help and strategies to make treatment more effective.
2. Anxiety Association of America
  An excellent resource relating to anxiety disorders and panic. Includes chat rooms, book recommendations, articles and news.
Health and Wellness
1. Stress Relief
  Stress-relieving humor, and a great deal of well written articles on stress relief, breaking habits, burnout, blaming and more. This site offers something different and new every time you visit!
1. Dr Green
  Provides thorough answers to pediatric and childhood questions including bed-wetting, ear infections, potty training and more.
2. Dr. Spock
  Comprehensive site offering hundreds of professionally written articles on raising children.
3. Child and Adolscent Psychiatry
  Easy to read information for parents and families dealing with children who have some sort of mental disorder
Bipolar Disorder
1. Bipolar Disorder Overview
  An excellent source for information regarding Bipolar Disorder including symptoms, questionnaires, FAQ's, medications and a new family section.
2. Bipolar Series
  Another excellent resource from Psychcentral on all facets relating to Bipolar Disorder.
3. Bipolar Brain
  An inspirational site giving a first hand account of this diagnosis by the site's owner.
4. Bipolar Support
  An excellent site offering information, support, message boards and chat rooms.
Substance Abuse/Dependence
1. Web of Addictions
  An excellent fact based resource providing accurate information about alcohol and other drug addictions.
2. Alcoholism and Treatment
  A very good introductory article about alcoholism and treatment issues.
3. Addiction FAQ's
  A compilation of nearly any question you can think of relating to addictions.
4. Substance Abuse FAQ's
  Here are the questions the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and the National Institute on Drug Abuse most often receive.
1. Divorce Info
  A comprehensive site offering straight forward information on all the ins and outs of divorce from parenting, stress, money and more.
Grief and Loss
1. Grief Recovery
  An internet community of persons dealing with grief, death, and major loss.
2. Grief and Healing
  Devoted to helping people understand and cope beter with their grief, paying attention to the different ways the genders grieve.
1. Domestic Violence Solutions
  Step-by-step instructions on how to address a domestic violence situation by making plans and sticking to them.
2. Sexual Assaults
  This large site offering ssupport for survivors of sexual abuse either as a child or adult, with related subjects on rape.
Sexual Addiction
1. Sexual Addiction
  A very useful site with multiple links to other useful sites
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